The CucinaPro Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker 220-05NS is one of the most popularly available pizelle press that is available in the market right now. This device is known to offer you a safe and highly efficient pizelle making. Because of the easy operation and usage it is recommended for usage by a huge number of people.


CucinaPro Non-Stick PizzelleThis pizelle maker is available for you at an extremely affordable price and is the best pizzelle maker. This device is known to offer you the highly efficient and quality services. This works on a powerful motor in order to bake the pizelle as soon as possible and not keep you waiting for long. This device is powerful enough to enable you the making of 2 pizelles at the same time. It surely is able to provide you with the perfectly made pizelles every time. The cooking size that is compatible with this device is about five inches. It is made of the perfect bite size for the cones. It also is able to provide you the safety features as well. For the protection of your hands form the steam this device provides you the steam guard. It really is extremely easy to be used because of the simple operation controllers that are offered. The baking plates are made extra-thick. This is done to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed. It is extremely easy to be cleaned and does not require much of space for the storage.


  • This device ahs to provide you the extra thick baking platform. It allows you a reliable build as well as a more even and better distribution of the heat.
  • The steam guards help you stay protected while using this pizelle press.
  • The platform is completely made up of the Teflon material. It allows you easy operation along with easy cleaning.
  • It is able to provide you the perfectly crisp and sized pizelle.


  • The timing light is missing out in this device. You will need to watch out the device while in operation.
  • The latch is unable to hold and squeeze both the plates together.


If you are ready to monitor the device while it is making the pizelle; the CucinaPro Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker 220-05NS is a valuable deal for you to invest your money in. It is able to provide you the perfectly made pizelles right at your home without any need for you to go out.